Bainbridge Trading Company

Your Friendly Neighborhood Soapers!

The Soapening 🧼

We’re going back to the basics with fresh handmade products that maintain their quality, make you smell great and prepare you for the daily grind. We’re inspired to create natural products that are free of harsh chemicals, honor fair trade suppliers and support fellow crafters and hobbyists.

Experience 🛀

Our soaps and bath gels offer skin and scent therapy for the shower or for soaking. Use our soaps regularly to nourish your body with beneficial essential oils that can invigorate your skin to look smooth, soft, supple and radiant. Add our lotion, hair products and a candle for a total immersion in luscious aromatherapy for a holistic experience of mind, body and spirit. Enwrap your environment with products from the same recipe or mix and match for an exciting array.

Eco-Sourcing 🌲

Catch us in the studio all day, every day to craft our products with exceptional dedication and creativity. We’re continuously researching the source of our ingredients and the practices of our suppliers to ensure our finished products are ethically sourced and crafted with love and positive energy.

Crafted Products 🚿

No two soaps are exactly the same in our studio. We try to be as exact as possible, but the handcrafted nature of our process means that every bar of soap will be totally original. But don’t worry, each bar will still lather up in a sudsy foam of luxurious aromas.