Bainbridge Island historical home to the Marshall Strawberry

Bainbridge Island historical home to the Marshall Strawberry

Here on Bainbridge Island, one of the most sought-after antique edibles is the Marshall strawberry. A century ago, mainly because of this berry, Bainbridge Island was known as “the fruit basket of Puget Sound.” Many island acres were covered in berry fields, tended and harvested by Japanese, Filipino, and Native American farmers.

By all accounts, the Marshall strawberry was the tastiest, juiciest strawberry around. Hundreds of acres of the Marshall variety once covered Bain­bridge, and the island was primarily known for the berry.

It makes total sense that The Bainbridge Trading Company would be inspired to offer a fragrance that evokes that landmark berry. Bainbridge Trading Company creates small-batch exquisite fragrances for your home and daily rituals. Inspired by the natural beauty, smells and vistas enjoyed from this lovely garden island in the Pacific Northwest. 

Today you can find a complete catalog of cruelty-free modern products developed around essential oils for yourself or as a gift for those energized and inspired by nature’s aroma. Our products are studio-crafted by our original recipes with quality ingredients. 

At Bainbridge Trading Company, our products and prices allow for liberal daily use!
Why not start with something from the Marshall Fields line?

Marshall Fields Hand Made Soy Wax Candle

Marshall Fields Natural Liquid Hand Soap

Marshall Fields Natural Shower Gel

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