Bainbridge Trading Company

Bainbridge Trading Company Our Beginning

What is important

Our products are studio-crafted by our original recipes with quality ingredients. They are made with natural or organic ingredients, and cruelty-free to provide an exquisite personal experience for you. Our products are artisan made in the USA with accessories sourced from local artist whenever possible.

Our products are meant to enhance your home and daily rituals. By adding essential oils and fantastic fragrances to our self-care products, we offer an easy way to nourish, energize and rejuvenate your lifestyle. Our products are artisan crafted to enhance your home, your self-care and your lifestyle. We want you to be excited to take a therapeutic bath or shower everyday and put a smile on your face.

How we got started

After much research, contemplation and current economic restrictions, we started to experiment with making body products and candles that were nonspecific in gender – new age aromas made for our changing times. We felt there was a niche that wasn’t covered in current markets. It seemed that most brands targeted either specifically feminine or macho-man scents. We wanted to make products that were cool, useful and modern, yet they could help us to recall and enhance pleasant memories. We decided to make personal products that can bring the essence of nature, and specifically the Pacific Northwest (PNW), into your home. Our products strive to whisk you away to the shores, mountains and forests of the PNW.

Bainbridge Island Washington

We were fortunate enough to have located to beautiful Bainbridge Island, just outside Seattle, a few months before we were laid off. The surrounding land and seascape of the PNW inspired us with names and images for our different aromas like Olympic Haze and Manitou Mint. Studying a map of the area and native plant lists gave us names like Eelgrass, Puget Tide and Bainbridge Waterpool. Then we had to decide how to best translate that essence in our products.

Our Name

Coming up with an appropriate name for a company can be very complicated. Bainbridge was easy because it is where it all began and what inspired us. A trading company is a business that works with different kinds of products that are sold to the consumer and other businesses. From the beginning, we had a vision to offer the best product to our customer and also offer for wholesale to other types of businesses. A trading company also brought back fond memories of stores that offered a broad range of items with old-fashioned values yet useful products.

Back Story

We have learned that there is something so fulfilling about creating useful, artisan products. You’ve probably heard the saying: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” The year 2020 has certainly served up some lemons for many people. So what do two normally very active guys do when they are laid off for…(who knew how long) due to Covid19? We toss around ideas for a new business that we could start from our home. Our main objectives were to do something creative, to have fun and to offer us an entrepreneurial outlet. With current events at the forefront of our minds, we wanted to have an underlying central theme that would engender equality for all and be good for the environment. To paraphrase Gandhi: we wanted to be the change we desire in the world.