Do you make room in your life for the idea that more is a work in our lives than meets the eye?

Do you make room in your life for the idea that more is a work in our lives than meets the eye?

I can say I do. Although I wouldn’t express myself as religious or even adventurous in any way, I am aware as I move through this life that things are at play here I can’t touch or see. My journey lately has made room for balance in my mind, contributing to improved balance in my life and relationships. Part of his has been around recognizing and trying new “tools.” 

I recently looked up the response of us humans to color and smell. What came up first is the chakra wheel, as it makes room for color and scent. I sit all day and thought, okay, reading this chart, the place I could most benefit from improved agility is my Sacral Charka. I cannot deny I experience stiffness and discomfort in my low back and hips. It seems in the Chakra world, improvement here could contribute to feeling less anxious, calmer. Sounds good to me! Upon further exploration, it appears that the color orange, citrine and amber stones, and citrus are potential “tools for balancing my Sacral Chakra. 

So here is something I do now that truly has rewarded me for my effort. I love the Peppercorn Spice fragrance (Peppercorn, Orange Peel, Mandarin & Vanilla) found in the Bainbridge Trading Company line of scents which I now apply every morning to my hands. Upon application, I slow down and breathe in with intention. Next, I move to stretch my body to focus on the Sacral Chakra zone. Nothing dramatic, and dare I share something anyone can do no matter your fitness level. 

Now I am not proclaiming life-altering results, but I can say this. Those few moments of “intention” allow me to focus on the outcome I hope to see. I do feel better, less frazzled, and therefore I do it again at night. The nighttime ritual, I believe, preps me for a better night’s sleep. 

Fragrance, yoga, crystals, and other “tools” for me writing this are just that, tools. I hope my taking a moment to share this teeny bit of intention that you too may make room for a “tool” to encourage you to develop a new muscle when it comes to self-care. Anything we humans can do to improve our well-being rubs off on everyone we encounter n our day. Nothing spreads faster or leaves a longer-lasting mark than a negative interaction, so why not use a tool such as a scent to help you take a moment to balance and center throughout your day? 

I included a few images I find beautiful, which boosts me mentally, and examples of how to perform that Sacral stretch despite your fitness level.

A friend of mine who has 25 years as a massage therapist enlightened me that the ONLY way to relieve low back pain truly is to perform a stretch that “scissors ” the legs that release the tension from prolonged sitting. I included orange foods as a tool to take a minute and breathe and crystals such as Amber and Citrine. All lovely ideas to invite a moment of balance.

Let me know how you do. All great journeys begin with that first small step. The result of which is not apparent until it’s behind you. I encourage you to test a new tool today. I hope it rewards your effort with less frazzle and more balance. Be well.

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