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Bainbridge Island Wood Magnet

Bainbridge Island Wood Magnet

Handmade by Bainbridge Island Woodworks: Anthony Piazza

Item Description:

This laser-cut, engraved magnet features a laser-cut outline of Bainbridge Island inside a circular ring, with a 3/4″ low-profile magnet on the back. Makes a great gift or souvenir to commemorate a visit to our beautiful island!

Our magnets are crafted from high quality 1/8” plywood, and finished with a fine hand-sanding. Each ornament comes with a ribbon, so your decoration is ready for display.


Size: 3.5” diameter, 1/8″ thick
Materials: plywood
Design: laser-cut outline of Bainbridge island inside a circular ring. Engraved on the front with “Bainbridge Island Washington”, engraved on the back with “Bainbridge Island Woodworks



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